Shadi’s Top 10 Restaurants

Miami Beach and South Beach are littered with culinary marvels. Whatever you are looking for can be found from best steaks, fine Italian cuisine and, of course, the freshest stone crabs, lobster and seafood! If you have a palate that needs to be quenched then Miami Beach and South Beach is the place to go. Below are my top 10 choices….today… that will surely change with all the great restaurants and new additions that continue to pop-up on Miami Beach.

#1 Macchialina


Cozy and quaint space with incredible homemade pastas and polenta that will make you feel like you are in Mama’s kitchen. Add the innovative tweaks to those Italian favorites makes it the best Italian restaurant in the city.

#2 Joe’s Stone Crab


The freshest crabs, lobster and seafood combined with a historic location (founded in 1913) and you have a South Florida landmark. My favorite sides include the spinach stuffed tomatoes, hash browns and cole slaw are my favorite. And you must have some key lime pie for dessert.

#3 Yardbird

Innovative twist on Southern cuisine. Must try grandma Llewellyn’s friend chicken or be adventurous and try the friend Everglades frog legs and beef sirloin tartare with friend cornbread, barbeque sauce sorbet and frisee lettuce…..Mmmmm!

#4 Pubbelly

Don’t be fooled by the proclaimed “king of swine” haunt as their Florida stone crab pasta with jalapeño, ginger, bok choy, and miso citrus butter is to die for. And try the various dumplings packed with everything from duck and pumpkin to pastrami and sauerkraut.

#5 Taquiza

From al pastor and carnitas to barbacoa and 7 dfferent taco sellections, there’s plenty to satisfy your authentic Mexican craving. Leave room for the choco taco for dessert it is a real treat.

#6 Lucali

If you are hankering for a slice, or two or three, this is the place to go. Sauce is great and if you like calzone you will love it here stuffed with massive amounts of ricotta and served alongside a pool or red sauce for only $10.

#7 The Bazaar

Your pallet will never experience a dull moment with a bevy of fusion tapas with influences from the Caribbean, Asia and America. But how do they make those conch fritters with the liquid center?

#8 Prime 112

Located at the historic Browns Hotel (Miami Beach’s first hotel) Prime 112 features the finest quality dry-aged beef with accessories like truffle lobster mac and cheese and Kobe beef sliders. A favorite celebrity dig and you will surely see some during your visit.

#9 Lure Fishbar

An incredibly innovative featuring those delectable creatures from the sea. And despite the featured attraction, they still were able to produce last year’s Burger Bash winning entry! Don’t pass on the key lime pie…..may be best in the world!!

#10 Roasters’ n Toasters

The popular Pinecrest deli has come to 41st street on Miami Beach. Rueben is my favorite in town combined with the matzo ball soup and potatoe knish and you have a great Jewish Deli experience. Open for a big breakfast when you wake up famished.

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