Art Galleries to Visit in Coconut Grove

Art Galleries to Visit in Coconut Grove

KROMA Art Gallery
Located in the heart of Coconut Grove, KROMA is a space dedicated to fostering culture and inspiration. KROMA is a collective art space located in Coconut Grove. This colorful art gallery provides affordable artistic rental space which attracts and encourages a range of diverse and local artists. KROMA aims to incubate and support these local artists, particularly those of African heritage and influence, as they express their passion and grow creatively. The KROMA building is home to over 18 artist studios and a communal gallery. Exhibitions are open to the public, designed to inspire, inform, and showcase local artists. KROMA also rents space to groups for events. An event called Color Me KROMA allows people to bring beer or wine and learn how to paint a picture. The studio also hosts BYOB educational events where groups can enjoy socializing as experienced artists guide them through the process of painting.

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery
Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery is a fine art gallery located in Coconut Grove. Exhibits include contemporary artwork from established and amateur artists from around the world, with an emphasis on Latin-American artists. There are multiple solo and group exhibits containing vibrant paintings and intriguing sculptures. The artwork is available for sale, and the site completes custom framing. The Christina Chacon Studio Gallery represents established and emerging artists of all backgrounds with a focus on promoting and growing the talent and reach of local artists. A must see in Coconut Grove.

Agustin Gainza Arts

Agustin Gainza Arts are artistic galleries with artwork by Agustin Gainza. Cuban Artist Agustin Gainza has been making art for over four decades. Not restrained to one media, Gainza’s career has included works in painting, drawing, and ceramics. He is known chiefly for his wide and vibrant display of color in his works, which often feature scenes or flavors from memories of his native Cuba. The artist uses bright colors to depict humorous interpretations between people based on his memories of Cuba. Locally, his works have been featured in local restaurants, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. He has been featured in many publications celebrating Cuban art and culture. As an artist, Gainza frequently works with a variety of themes to avoid repetition and staleness in his work. He’s known for creating drawings, ceramics, paintings, and printmaking. The artist is recognized in Coconut Grove for his artistic perspective on Hispanic heritage. Agustin Gainza’s prints are available for sale. The Agustin Gainza gallery is a must-visit for those looking for a window into local expression and heritage.

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