Miami Family Festivities

Miami Family Festivities

Miami is a large city with never-ending things to see and do. It also have a treasure trove of events, attractions, and festivities for families. As the school year comes closer to the biggest holiday break of the year, you’ll  want to keep the kids busy, so here are a few things that will let them burn some energy.

Zoo Miami

Most kids love animals and anything to do with animals. Zoos are the go-to place for getting the family out of the house. Zoo Miami is the perfect place for animal-lovers. With 346 acres of available land and 3,000 animals, there is always somewhere to go and always something to see. Zoo Miami has multiple attractions, some of which include:

  • Critter Connection  – According to Zoo Miami, “Critter Connection is a special place designed to connect people with wildlife.” Visitors can pet, brush, and feed the animals. Designed to foster closer relationships between animals and people, Critter Connection features events such as Animal Tales, where visitors can see cool exotic animals up close and personal; The Wacky Barn, where barn animals are available for interaction;  the Meerkat Exhibit; and Camel Feedings. Critter Connection provides an unforgettable educational experience for visitors of all ages.
  • Wings of Asia – The Wings of Asia is an aviary with more than 300 birds species, many of which are endangered. The aviary is also a learning center. It provides activities and exhibits that let visitors connect the birds of today to their dinosaur ancestors. It is also filled with many beautiful and rare plants from around the world.

Tickets for Zoo Miami range are $18.95 for children ages 3 – 12 and $22.95 for Adults (13+). Discounts and passes are available. Explore Zoo Miami on your next family outing.

Miami Children’s Museum

An even more children-focused activity for the whole family to participate in is the Miami Children’s Museum. The Museum lets children do what they do best – explore, create, and learn. Through multiple activities such as The Construction Zone, All About Art, My Green Home and endless other exhibits, children are naturally encouraged to broaden their horizons intellectually, artistically, and collectively – all while having fun. General admission is $20 and Florida residents pay $15.

43d Annual Harvest Festival

The Miami Harvest Festival is probably one of the largest fairs of the year in Miami. The event takes places November 18 and 19  and is a celebration of the holiday season and all things Fall. Located in Tamiami Park, the festival will include a car show, fun festivities for the family, and many award-winning exhibitors. Buy your tickets early to get access to this amazing event.

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There has been a rare sighting…….a South Florida Native…..and his name is Chad! Born and raised in Miami, Chad has been giving visitors recommendations on the best places to see in the Greater Miami area since he sold mangoes and avocados to tourists from his street-side fruit stand as a child. He lives and breaths Miami and the Florida Keys and knows all the hidden gems…….places to sight see that only a native can recommend. If Chad says “check it out” you won’t be disappointed!!

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