Thanksgiving Reservations

Thanksgiving Reservations

Thanksgiving is drawing closer and people have already started planning their menus and family gatherings weeks in advance. Time goes by fast around this time of year, so avoiding last minute preparations is a must. Thanksgiving dinner at the family home is an American tradition, but perhaps you don’t want to expend hours of energy cooking, baking, and setting up silverware. This is where restaurant reservations come in hand. The experience of family and friends gathering together in a beautiful restaurant with delicious food can be just as satisfying or even more so than your traditional get-together at home. Featured here are a few places that will meet your party needs and can make new experiences with their unique style.

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill

This artistic bar and grill has a little bit to offer for everyone. The unifying theme of Sugarcane is to combine culinary practices from around the world. It has three main kitchens: traditional food, raw food, and grill. It offers a home-like, laid back and eclectic vibe.

Reservations to hold a room can be made online. Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill has several private dining options. Most Thanksgiving dinners will be less than 30 people, so the private dining room is the best option for even a large family gathering. The private dining room can seat up to 24 people and includes beautiful features such as private access to the garden, low, warm lighting with crystal chandeliers, and access to a Bose sound system  to set the perfect mood with your choice of music.

The private dining menu has a variety of great options available. You can choose to schedule your party for brunch, lunch or dinner. For more casual and interactive events you can use the Cocktail and Canape menu. This menu includes a range of drinks and appetizers from the three kitchens. Guests can choose from 6 plates for $25. This option is available from Monday to Friday, 4 pm to 7 pm. For more slow paced, familial events a reservation planned around brunch, lunch, or dinner is perfect. You can find prices for meals on Sugarcane’s website as well as an in-depth guide for putting together your event.

Red, The Steakhouse

This spot is centered around serving amazing steak from the best cuts. It has been been titled one of the best steakhouses in the country. Red offers a cool, city-sophisticate vibe. It’s the perfect change of pace for a Thanksgiving dinner. Reservations can be made online. You should sign up early because reservation menu choices must be made 5 days in advance and a guest count must be provided within 2 days of the event.

Red offers plenty of space for your gathering. You can choose from the private dining room, which has a capacity of 16 guests. The south dining room can seat up to 20 people, while the north dining room can seat up to 32. Your meal includes a variety of appetizers, food stations with seafood, a variety of cheese platters, eclectic selections from around the world, and a dessert table. Dinner and lunch options allow you to switch and replace items to your liking, so that everyone is satisfied. Reservation prices are available on the restaurant’s site. Reserve your room as soon as possible.

Edge Steak and Bar

Edge is another bar themed around steak, however it also serves up amazing vegetable side dishes for a balanced menu. The steak has to share the spotlight with equally delicious vegetables at this restaurant. Edge is elegant, modern, fresh and simple. Named one of the best brunch buffets in the country, you should really schedule your Thanksgiving gathering here. Two private dinner party rooms are available, one of each seating up to 12 and 30 people. You can schedule a reservation online to make sure you don’t miss out.

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