Where to Drink in Miami Beach

Where to Drink in Miami Beach

What type of nightlife person are you? Do you enjoy flashy lounges or bohemian bars? Love both? Miami Beach has it all! The flashy, substantially designed Las Vegas-style clubs found in Miami are considered the most thrilling by many individuals. Miami is a great city that consists of destinations ranging from flashy rooftop clubs to top-notch signature cocktail destinations. Some of the most known favorite bars in Miami are discussed below.

Shuckers Bar & Grill Miami
Shuckers Bar and Grill is known for great food, cold beer, and fun times. This sports bar is known by tourists and locals for being the perfect place for watching the sunset and getting top quality sea food. Many TV’s to choose from for viewing all the best sports, so you won’t have to miss the game while you spend time with friends and family. The atmosphere is a high-quality sports bar on the water, which is located on the North Bay Beach island. Whether coming by boat or car, enjoy the brilliant views of the Miami coast and kick start a night on the town in perfect Miami style at Shuckers.

The Broken Shaker
Some few names mean very much to the cocktail community. These may include Gabriel Orta, Elad Zvi among others. This is a club that has the incredible mixologists found in Miami Beach. All the drinks in this club are handcrafted with amazing fresh-pressed ingredients as well as infusions of various spices and herbs to fit the different customers who visit the destination. You can never go wrong with a cocktail at The Broken Shaker.

The Regent Cocktail Club
Everything that seems old to people seems new to every guest visiting this amazing place. Ranging from the mixologists, cocktails and all the delicious authentic drinks served here. Space also feels incredibly different from the hustle found in the South Beach. The Regent Cocktail Club is inspired by the simplicity of the 1940s and is designed in the classic bar style rather than upbeat modern look.

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